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Empowering the people of medicine through education and community.



Learn. Grow. Thrive.




Medical education should upgrade your practice and your life.

Lifelong learning should be exciting, and something you look forward to. It should connect you to your fellow clinicians and remind you why you practice medicine, not just how. Hippo exists not only to change your practice, but to change your mind about what truly great education can achieve.

If you’re tired of CME that just checks the boxes, and you’re looking for a community of like-minded people learning, growing, and doing their best work together—welcome.

You’ve found what you’re looking for.

Education designed for people like you

Authentic, engaging, and human

We’re obsessed with making education that respects your time, attention span, and humanity. Every piece of education we produce is made with intention for a consistently rewarding learning experience.




Unrivaled educational excellence
Our physician-led education is carefully designed and presented by some of the most qualified and passionate faculty in the world. It makes the most of your investment, energy, and intellect and delivers a lasting impact far beyond CME credit.
However and whenever you need it

Get education that seamlessly fits into your busy life with convenient, tech-forward podcasts, video lectures, and articles, all on the go from your phone or tablet.


See (and hear) the Hippo difference for yourself

Urgent Care Bootcamp

Watch Standard Incision and Drainage with Dr.Matt DeClerck, MD


Watch Pelvis and Hips with John Mabee, PhD, PA-C and Paul Jhun, MD

Adult EM Bootcamp

Watch Central Venous Access - Internal Jugular with Dr. Matthieu DeClerck

Peds RAP

Listen to Failure to Thrive, Part 1 with Solomon Behar, MD and Michelle Thompson, MD

Primary Care RAP

Listen to Communicating with Vaccine Skeptics with Neda Frayha, MD, Paul Offit, MD, and Solomon Behar, MD

Urgent Care RAP

Listen to What Would I Do Next? | Pancreatitis with Mizuho Morrison, MD, Mike Weinstock, MD, and Cameron Berg, MD

This is why we do what we do:

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Working without Urgent Care RAP is like going into battle without ammunition. The pearls just keep coming, and frequently I use them on my very next shift. It’s the best insurance policy against doing something stupid… thanks!

UCRAP-Shapiro-William Image
William Shapiro
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This is a dream come true (seriously). Interesting, easy to listen to. I find it so hard to sit down and read journals after work, but Primary Care RAP is all I love about medicine without the reading! And I love how you use audio techniques to help as memory cues. Thank you so much!
PCRAP-Shannon Gianotti
Shannon Gianotti
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I purchased Telemedicine: Common Conditions and it is absolutely excellent. This is by far the best telemedicine CE I have seen (& I have told several in my workplace about it!)
Jamie Frederick
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Thank you all for making these amazing lectures and putting together this whole course. I passed the PANCE and I can't tell you how many times I got a question right because of a lecture &/or practice quiz. Thank you so much!!!
Dixie Johnston
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The Urgent Care Bootcamp video series is absolutely amazing. I feel like I am going to be light years ahead in my thought process from this information! I will highly recommend this to my colleagues.
Rilla Vergara
Rilla Vergara
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I am almost done listening to my first month of Peds RAP, and I find it transformative. It's direct and concise and gives immediate clinical guidance at the point of care for the pediatrician. Clinically relevant and immediately inviting for the listener.
PedsRAP-Scott Cohen Image
Scott J. Cohen


Learn better, together.

Let your team know how much you value them by providing the most inspiring education available. Contact us for group discounts.

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