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Clinical updates created by Hippo educators

PECARN Pie: COVID and Child Abuse

Released 7/1/2022 — Did ED encounters of child abuse increase or decrease during the COVID lockdowns? In this bonus COVID piece from Hippo Education and the PECARN Network, pediatric emergency physicians, Drs. Julia Magana and Jason Woods chat with Dr. Barbara Chaiyachati, a child abuse pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at University of Pennsylvania.

Outpatient Treatment for COVID

Released 6/1/2022 — Drew Kalnow DO and ID expert Greg Moran present the latest outpatient COVID treatment recommendations.

COVID Therapeutic Options in Children

Released 2/23/22 – Earlier this month, we discussed new outpatient treatment options for COVID. In this bonus segment, we take a deeper dive from a pediatric perspective. The co-chairs of the Special Pathogens Program from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Brad Goldberg, MD (Pediatric Emergency Medicine) and Michael Smit, MD (Pediatric Infectious Diseases), sit down with our host Sol Behar, MD to discuss pediatric-specific issues related to COVID therapeutics. Which medications can and are being used in children?

PECARN Pie: Pediatric COVID Outcomes - A Global Study from PERN

Released 2/11/22 – In this Hippo Education bonus, Dr. Nathan Kuppermann, founding member of the global Pediatric Emergency Research Network (PERN) and founding member and principal investigator of PECARN, joins hosts Drs. Julia Magaña and Jason Woods to break down their latest research studying severe outcomes in pediatric COVID patients. Get critical insights (straight from the source!) into what risk factors matter when evaluating pediatric COVID patients, and how this hot-off-the-press study changed these experts’ practices.

New Outpatient Treatment Options for Covid-19

Released 2/2/22 – So much has changed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, including all the new treatment options for outpatients with SARS-CoV-2 infection. From oral medications to IV infusions, the range of options can feel overwhelming. Which treatment should we prescribe when? And for which patients? How does the omicron variant surge affect our choices? What’s even available? In this Hippo Education bonus, academic Infectious Diseases expert and medical educator Dr. Devang Patel joins host Dr. Neda Frayha to break it all down for us. As an added bonus, download and share our free quick reference medication table!

Expert Update: Dr. Paul Offit and the COVID Vaccine for Kids 5-11 years

Released 11/10/21 – In this Hippo Education bonus, world-renowned vaccine expert and pediatric infectious diseases specialist Dr. Paul Offit sits down with Peds RAP host Dr. Sol Behar and Primary Care RAP host Dr. Neda Frayha for an insightful conversation on the latest COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11 years. They explore the vaccine trial data, practical logistics for clinicians, and what it all means for the future of the pandemic.

Post COVID Return to Play in Pediatric Patients

Released 5/7/21 – Reports of long term health issues after COVID infection have raised concerns about when it is safe to return to participate in sports after COVID infection. Cardiology, sports medicine, and pediatric societies have provided guidance to guide health care professionals in advising their patients in regard to return to play issues. In this Hippo segment, sports medicine expert Dr. Tracy Zaslow and pediatric emergency medicine physician Dr. Janet Semple-Hess review all there is to know about Post-COVID Return to Play.

COVID Vaccine Safety in Pregnancy

Released 4/26/2021 – In this Hippo Education bonus, Dr. Rob Orman digs into the data just published regarding mRNA vaccine safety in pregnant patients, and what it means for our patients. He also reviews data just published looking at the effect of COVID on maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality among pregnant women.

Long Covid / Post Acute Sequelae of SARS Co-V 2 (PASC)

Released 4/21/2021 – Covid isn’t going anywhere. And neither is Long Covid, or as it’s now called, Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2, or PASC. We sit down with pulmonologist, critical care physician, and emerging PASC expert Dr. Andi Levine from the University of Maryland School of Medicine to learn all about this challenging syndrome and how front-line clinicians can best approach its workup and treatment.

The Story Behind COVID Vaccines and Brain Blood Clots

Released 4/15/2021 – The news this week has been replete with stories about increased clot risk in those who have received the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines. In this episode, we break down: what we know so far about vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT), the research that has revealed an underlying mechanism, CDC and NHS recommendations, and a primer on cerebral venous thrombosis -- the primary clot site associated with VITT.

The Future of UC Practice due to COVID

Released 3/12/2021 – Andy Barnett, MD, Mizuho Morrison, DO, and Matthieu DeClerck, MD discuss the role Urgent and Immediate Care centers played during the past year with the Covid pandemic. Specifically their role as testing sites that helped alleviate the burden on Emergency Departments as well as augmenting the need for testing from a public health standpoint. They also look to the future and discuss what role Urgent and Immediate Care centers may play as we continue to battle with Covid-19 as well as what does the future of Urgent and Immediate care look like in the age of Covid. How can we get back to caring for the traditional healthcare needs of our patients while continuing to protect ourselves and our patients from Covid-19?

COVID-19 and School Reopening Update

Released 3/9/2021 – Lisa Patel, MD sits down with Jeanne Noble, MD, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of COVID Response at UCSF Parnassus, to discuss the clinical data and updated CDC guidelines regarding school reopening during COVID, from in-school transmission rates, vaccines, and mental health issues. Lisa also interviews Itoco Garcia, Ed.D, Superintendent of Sausalito Marin City School District, on how his schools safely reopened during the pandemic.

COVID-19 and Intimate Partner Violence

Released 2/15/2021 – Dr. Lisa Patel and Dr. Maya Ragavan discuss intimate partner violence (IPV) in the context of COVID-19. While data has focused on prevalence, they dive into how the pandemic has changed survivors’ experiences, access to resources, approach to safety planning, privacy concerns, and survivor resilience. They also discuss alternative means of counseling families for IPV in the setting of increased telehealth, where survivors may not be in a private place to disclose an abusive relationship.

What’s That Lab? COVID-19 Labs Special Edition!

Released 12/21/2020 – In this Hippo Education bonus, Dr. Paul Simmons and Dr. Jay-Sheree Allen sit down to discuss what lab studies are recommended on admission of a COVID patient to the hospital, which labs are followed daily, and how they’re best used.

FAQs with an ID expert on COVID mRNA Vaccines

Released 12/14/2020 – In this Hippo Education bonus, Dr. Matthieu DeClerck and Dr. Manie Beheshti, an infectious disease specialist, answer common questions that clinicians have regarding the new mRNA vaccine, including how mRNA vaccines work, concerns about what we know and don’t know, and how to best approach patients.

Being a Clinician and Parent in the Time of Covid-19

Released 12/2/2020 – Raising kids while working as front-line clinicians in the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced unprecedented challenges to our lives. Dr. Jason Liebzeit and Primary Care RAP host Dr. Neda Frayha sit down for some real talk on being caregivers as well as clinicians in the time of Covid-19, including some concrete action items and solutions.

Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Outcomes with Dr. Jasmine Marcelin

Released 11/23/2020 – This year we’ve launched two special audio series to help clinicians practice the best medicine possible: one on the Covid-19 pandemic, and the other on dismantling systemic racism in medicine. In this special conversation, these two audio series come together for an in-depth view of racial disparities in Covid-19 outcomes and how we can do better by our patients. Our usual hosts, Drs. Jay-Sheree Allen and Neda Frayha, interview Infectious Diseases specialist and Diversity and Inclusion expert Dr. Jasmine Marcelin for a rich discussion that sits right in the center of the Covid-19/Race and Medicine Venn diagram.

The COVID-19 Vaccine with Dr. Paul Offit

Released 10/1/2020 – World-renowned vaccine expert and Pediatric Infectious Diseases specialist Dr. Paul Offit sits down with Peds RAP host Dr. Sol Behar and Primary Care RAP host Dr. Neda Frayha for a candid conversation on where we stand with the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, challenges ahead, and how clinicians can best focus our efforts in education and advocacy when it comes to a future COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID and The Social Needs Response Team

Released 9/14/2020 – Dr. Lisa Patel from the Peds RAP team sits down with Dr. Jaya Aysola, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics and Assistant Dean of Inclusion and Diversity at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. The COVID-19 pandemic has strained community resources and exacerbated health disparities. They discuss crisis intervention theory and how Penn Medicine’s Social Needs Response Team addresses these critical issues.

Kids, School, and COVID

Released 8/31/2020 – Dr. Lisa Patel from our Peds RAP team sits down with Dr. Ryan Padrez, Assistant Clinical Professor in Pediatrics at Stanford University and Executive Committee member on the Council of School Health at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). They discuss the most recent AAP guidance published on COVID-19 planning considerations for school re-entry and suggested protocols on suspected COVID-19 and contacts.

Pediatric COVID-19: Lit Review

Released 8/13/2020 – Pediatricians Roy Benaroch and Geoff Simon break down the latest literature on Pediatric COVID-19.

Laceration Repair in the Time of COVID

Released 6/12/2020 – Drs. Brian Lin and Mike Weinstock discuss alterations to our usual practice patterns of laceration repair in the setting of the COVID pandemic, which include increasing patient throughput through faster closure techniques, reducing total points of contact with the healthcare system by using techniques to obviate the need for a return visit, and habit changes during closure to minimize exposure risk during face-to-face contact.

Facing Death in the Time of COVID-19 with Dr. BJ Miller

Released 6/8/2020 – How are you coping with all of the death around us these days? In this Hippo Education update, Primary Care RAP host Dr. Neda Frayha interviews Dr. BJ Miller, a hospice and palliative care specialist at the University of California, San Francisco whose TED talk on what really matters at the end of life has been viewed over 10 million times. Along with Shoshana Berger, Dr. Miller is the co-author of the book, A Beginner’s Guide to the End: Practical Advice for Living Life and Facing Death and founder of the Center for Dying and Living. In this conversation, he helps us come to terms with our own mortality and provide better support to our patients at the end of life.

UPDATED - The Saga Continues with Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine

Re-released 6/10/20 – Editor's note: As of June 4, 2020, The Lancet article by Mehra MR et al has been retracted. (https://www.thelancet.com/lancet/article/s0140673620313246) In this Hippo Education short, Dr.Salim Rezaie from REBEL EM and Lit Matters critically appraises two papers published on Friday May 22nd, 2020. He discusses what the evidence shows for both remdesivir & hydroxychloroquine/chloroquine as effective treatment or prophylaxis for COVID-19.

COVID Antibodies and Immunity

Released 6/1/2020 – Dr. Mizuho Morrison & Dr. Jenny Beck-Esmay, both having had COVID themselves, briefly discuss the clinical course and what presence of IgM vs. IgG signifies. They discuss what we currently know about antibody testing (national availability, reliability, sensitivity) as well as convalescent plasma transfusion (CPT) and criteria for donation vs. recipient.

COVID Cardiology

Released 5/26/2020 – COVID-19 causes STEMI’s, arrhythmias and myocarditis?!? Emergency medicine and cardiology guru Amal Mattu, MD chats with Mizuho Morrison, DO on the cardiovascular effects of COVID-19. They discuss: the known pathophysiology of how viral infections affect the heart; Review the new consensus statement from the Society of Cardiovascular Angiography and interventions (SCAI), American College of Cardiology (ACC), and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) on how to manage STEMIs; and lastly discuss how cardiac arrest management differs in this COVID era.

Indirect Impact of COVID-19 on Children

Released 5/19/2020 – Children seem to be less affected than adults by the direct effects of COVID-19 infection, but the pandemic has brought forth other health risks to the pediatric population. Sol Behar interviews Oakland, CA based primary care pediatricians Celine Sparrow and Katie D’Harlingue about the indirect impact of COVID-19 on children. Topics covered include home school and academic achievement, mental health issues, and nutrition/food insecurity.

COVID Findings in Kids

Released 5/15/2020 – Sol Behar interviews New York City pediatric emergency doctor Dr. Ee Tay, highlighting the features of pediatric COVID disease, including an emerging illness that is being compared to Kawasaki Shock Syndrome called “pediatric inflammatory multisystem disease” (PIMS).

IDSA Treatment Guidelines, Remdesivir, and a Look Back

Released 5/12/2020 – In this Hippo Education update, Primary Care RAP host Dr. Neda Frayha interviews regular guest and Infectious Diseases expert Dr. Devang Patel for a discussion of where the IDSA stands on all the potential treatments for COVID-19, a review of the remdesivir paper that is all the rage lately, and a look back on whether or not their very first conversations on the novel coronavirus have stood the test of time.

Pediatric Primary Care in the Time of COVID

Released 5/8/2020 – Dr. Sol Behar interviews Oakland, CA based primary care pediatricians Celine Sparrow and Katie D’Harlingue about the impact of COVID-19 on primary care practices. They discuss practical details of how to safely continue caring for their patients, selves and staff members. They also share strategies and resources on how to keep financially afloat during these challenging times.

COVID-19: The Long Game

Released 5/3/2020 – Dr. Matthieu DeClerck talks to Dr. Manie Beheshti on how the healthcare system should approach the “re-opening” of society as we plan the lifting of social restrictions. What safety implementations need to be in place in order to protect our most vulnerable patients. What changes can we anticipate in the healthcare system moving forward.

Clinician Mental Health in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Released 4/28/2020 – Psychiatrist Dr. Melissa Shepard sits down with Primary Care RAP host Dr. Neda Frayha for some real talk on the mental health challenges facing health care workers in the COVID-19 pandemic, and some concrete, tangible tools to help us get through this period. Spoiler alert: it’s more than yoga.

Pandemic Malpractice Issues

Released 4/24/2020 – Dr. Matthew DeLaney and Dr. Michael Weinstock sit down to discuss the threat of lawsuits in the midst of the COVID pandemic. The last thing anyone wants to think about is the risk of a lawsuit. Unfortunately, despite the extra challenges posed by our current pandemic, the threat of medicolegal consequences remains. In this segment, we evaluate the unique medicolegal risks that can occur during disaster situations and look at potential sources of medicolegal protection.

COVID CXR Study and Findings in Ambulatory Patients

Released 4/22/2020 – Drs. Mike Weinstock and Josh Russell, from Urgent Care RAP, just published a landmark COVID study: CXRs obtained from confirmed and symptomatic COVID-19 patients presenting to the UC were normal in 58.3% of cases, and normal or only mildly abnormal in 89% of patients.

What if I get called in: COVID Airway Management for Non-Intensivists

Released 4/20/2020 – Hospitals are calling clinicians in to help with COVID inpatient care. Listen to this critical care crash course with Dr. Scott Weingart and Dr. Mizuho Morrison on the latest "What if I get called in?" podcast. Just-in-time critical care pearls and pitfalls from the frontlines.

Lessons from NYC

Released 4/14/2020 – Patients with COVID-19 present in a variety of ways, and urgent care clinicians need to have a low index of suspicion for diagnosis. Management involves emergency referral for patients with a low oxygen saturation. Every patient should be treated as if they could have COVID-19.

Dimers, Clots and DIC

Released 4/13/2020 – Hematologist Tom Deloughery gives a primer on COVID-19 cytokine storm, d-dimer, DIC that leans toward thrombus, why some clots break through heparin, utility of low molecular weight heparin, and using TPA for ARDS (don’t get too excited on that one quite yet).

Weingart Q & A on Airway, Vents, Tubes, Lungs, ECMO, and CPAP

Released 4/8/2020 – ED-intensivist Scott Weingart has developed several protocols for airway management in COVID-19 patients, but each of those answers brings up more questions. In this episode: ‘Happy Hypoxemia’, the 4 types of COVID patients, Covid L vs H, is there a role for ECMO in severe disease, why intubation should be a last resort, the importance of patient positioning, and much more.

UC/Primary Care Triage

Released 4/8/2020 – COVID-19 is a rapidly spreading pandemic that is having worldwide ramifications. As emergency rooms and hospitals quickly get overwhelmed by ill patients, the Urgent Care and Primary Care settings are playing critical roles in identifying who can go home vs. those that need to be transferred to the Emergency Department for further evaluation and treatment. This ability to act as levies, to the large number of patients during this pandemic, is helping to preserve the ED and hospital “resources” for those critically ill patients that need it most. To assist UC and PC providers in making these decisions the College of Urgent Care Medicine (CUCM) and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) have published a set of criteria that break suspected COVID-19 patients into 2 categories. Category 1, who can go home; and Category 2, who should be transferred to the ED.

Hot Topics and Lit Review

Released 4/7/2020 – There are so many active threads, subthreads, and sub-sub-threads of conversation in the medical community surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. In this Hippo Education Short, Drs. Tom Robertson and Steve Biederman of Primary Care RAP’s Paper Chase take 4 hot topics in COVID-19 and examine the literature behind them. They look into the epidemiology of the outbreak in the U.S. and lessons learned, the sensitivity and specificity of SARS-CoV-2 testing, the rates of co-infection with other respiratory viruses, and convalescent plasma as a potential therapy.

Released 4/4/2020 – In this episode we speak with Chris Hicks, a Canadian emergency physician and trauma team leader who is a master of teaching the cognitive skills of resuscitation. Chris shares several protocols from his hospital regarding code blue and intubation in the era of COVID-19 including: the pre-brief process, communication during a code in PPE, preparing for a code (when you have time), what to do when there’s a surprise arrest and the team isn’t in PPE, how to effectively use an airway checklist, and how to find your anchor when you’re stressed.

Fluids, Prone Position, and Your Emails

Released 4/2/2020 – New York experience with fluid restriction in COVID ARDS, prone positioning for non-intubated hypoxic patients, resetting the intubation threshold, and using ABGs. Your questions for Reuben Strayer and Patrick Reinfried.

COVID-19 Pharmacology

Released 4/1/2020 – Dr. Mizuho Morrison sits down with emergency medicine pharmacist/toxicologist Bryan Hayes, PharmD to answer some pertinent questions and myth-bust clarifications about pharmaceutical options in COVID-19 treatment.

Pregnancy and Newborns

Released 4/1/2020 – Dr. Sol Behar interviews Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia NICU doc Joanna Parga-Belinkie to discuss Covid-19 and the some of the peripartum issues that come up during the novel coronavirus pandemic for both pregnant moms and their newborns.

Telemedicine in the Time of COVID-19

Released 3/30/2020 – Has your clinical practice shifted to telemedicine yet? In the era of COVID-19, clinicians everywhere are being thrown into telemedicine, often without any experience or background knowledge. To help us all get up to speed with this patient care technology, Hippo Education’s Dr. Neda Frayha sits down with Dr. Edward Kaftarian, the Vice Chair of Mental Health at the American Telemedicine Association and CEO of Orbit Health Telepsychiatry. Together they explore the benefits and potential pitfalls of telemedicine, the equipment required, billing and coding considerations, appropriate etiquette, and much more.

Triage Tent Logistics

Released 3/30/2020 – Triage and treatment tents have become ubiquitous in the current pandemic, improving throughput and keeping infectious but relatively well patients outside of the hospital. In this episode, emergency physician Josh Bucher, assistant professor at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, breaks down how his team has set up and uses their tent.

“What if I get called in?” Podcast Mini-Series

Released 3/24/2020 – Many healthcare professionals are asking, “What if I get called in?” Hippo Education produced this podcast mini-series on essential clinical pearls and pitfalls that we’ve learned on the frontlines to help keep you and your patients safe. Ultra short, so you can listen in on your drive to work.

Inside New York City

Released 3/24/2020 – Dr. Rob Orman speaks with Dr. Reuben Strayer, emergency physician at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, to discuss how his hospital is managing the patient surge

Lessons Learned and First Hand Account From Kirkland, WA

Released 3/20/2020 – Kirkland, Washington was the first U.S. city with reports of a large-scale COVID-19 outbreak. Dr. Patrick Reinfried, an emergency physician practicing at Kirkland’s Evergreen Hospital, gives a first hand account of what happened in his community, how his hospital has responded, and lessons learned.

Troponin, Abx, Chloroquine, X-rays, Rationing Tests, Public Health

Released 3/19/2020 – Dr. Rob Orman speaks with Dr. Rick Pescatore, Chief Physician for Preparedness for the state of Delaware and an emergency physician, on: triage decisions, X-rays, troponin, what to do when there’s limited testing ability, antibiotics, chloroquine, viable strategies for managing homeless populations, and more.

How to Save PPE and Reduce Exposure, HIPAA Relaxes

Released 3/18/2020 – Emergency physicians Drs. Amy Cho and Jason Adler break down novel ways to limit use of PPE, government regulations, how to respond when a COVID patient is coding, and next steps in leadership that can make an impact.

Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Workers

Released 3/17/2020 – Our panel of Hippo Education podcast hosts, from a variety of practice settings, discuss the logistical and psychological impact of COVID-19 on healthcare workers and discuss strategies to mitigate the stress associated with the pandemic.

COVID-19 Clinical Update

Released 3/9/2020 – Infectious Diseases specialist Dr. Devang Patel and Hippo Education’s Dr. Neda Frayha discuss the latest, clinician-focused updates on the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Novel Coronavirus

Released 1/30/2020 – Infectious Diseases specialist Dr. Devang Patel discusses what we know so far about the new 2019-n-CoV coronavirus outbreak.


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PPE Donning and Doffing

PPE Doffing: Blacklight Demo

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