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Only Human:

Real Clinician Stories, Unfiltered

Dive into the real journeys of clinicians—unscripted, profound, and wholly human. Only Human brings you closer to the unspoken realities of clinician life through personal stories, surprising insights, and practical advice from your favorite Hippo voices. From discovering our true calling to balancing the demands of work and home, this special audio mini-series celebrates our shared humanity, encouraging us to embrace and reflect on the imperfections that define us all.

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Meet your Hosts

Sol Behar, MD

Neda Frayha, MD, FACP

Tiffany Proffitt, DO

Matthew DeLaney, MD

Explore the Chapters

Only Human: Real Clinician Stories, Unfiltered


What's included?


Chapter 1: Navigate the surprising twists in medical careers, featuring personal accounts from three Hippo hosts.


Chapter 2: Listen as clinicians discuss the seldom-taught skill of setting and respecting professional boundaries.


Chapter 3: Take a heartfelt look at the sacrifices clinicians make to balance their personal and professional commitments.

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Chapter 4: Unpack the delicate balance of humor in healthcare—when it helps, when it harms, and how it fits within professional settings.