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At Hippo Education our mission is to empower the people of medicine to learn, grow, and thrive by creating education and community.

Pediatrics Audio Educators

Peds RAP (“RAP” stands for reviews and perspectives) is the premier national and international monthly audio CME program for pediatrics practitioners. 

We are looking for exceptional and dynamic educators with a passion for making education accessible to the frontline pediatric doctors of the world. We need people with a knack for simplifying complex topics, who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves, the absurdities of life and medicine, and who want to be part of the future of medical education.


The Job

You’ll be responsible for making a varying amount (depends on your time commitment) of educational greatness each month. A typical segment on the program is about 20-30 minutes of audio (think of it like a medical podcast but infinitely better). We’re looking for engaging speakers with an inviting style, an irreverent and humorous personality, and above all an exceptional ability to simplify important concepts and a love for teaching.

In a typical month you’ll work with our team to choose a topic, develop a segment, record it on professional equipment and software (we’ll equip and train you), and deliver it to us. You can basically do it all from home. The segments you’ll develop might be reviews of recent literature or practice updates, an interview with an expert, a discussion or debate with colleagues or patients, a review of a core concept, etc..

You’ll be relied upon to deliver at least one 20-30 minute segment each month. We’ll take your recording and professionally produce it, add music and ambience, clean up the “um’s” and “uh’s”, and make you sound like a radio star!

Be sure to take a listen to some examples at https://home.hippoed.com/peds/rap


- A stipend per completed 20-30 minute segment and an opportunity to be more involved in the future

- Academic citation for each segment (officially called a “chapter”) for your CV. In our previous experience this citation is a very well respected academic credit.

- Author credit and display on the website and materials


Helpful Skills

- MD or DO (please list specialty & date of board certification expiration) or NP or PA (specialty experience, years of experience) 

- Demonstrable experience in academic or community medical education

- A passion for medicine, education, and learning new things

- Basic audio recording experience is a bonus (we’ll make you an expert)

- Basic audio editing experience is a bonus

- Ability to use Skype for video conversations

- Apple computer familiarity preferred but not required


If you’re excited about giving it a try please read on. We’d love to hear from you!

The Trial Run

  1. Get familiar with Hippo and podcasting
    First we want to be sure you know what we do. Take at look at our websites and listen to some content. It will give you a feel for our tone, style, and some of the different kinds of teaching we do. We assume you already did this but, you’d be surprised… We also recommend you listen to the gold standards of the industry: This American Life, Radiolab, TED Radio Hour, StartUp, Mystery Show and other podcasts that strike your fancy. If you want to go in depth you can read how Ira Glass does it with this PDF.

  2. Pick your topic
    Pick a topic you’re passionate about. It could be a disease process, the current state of your specialty, patient advocacy, a board review topic, a new guideline, an interview with an expert, etc.. Something you care about and feel like you can educate people about.

  3. Record!
    Record your masterpiece! Shoot for 10 minutes or so. Don’t worry too much about the technical aspect yet. Podcasting and audio does have some technical components. We can teach those to most people. But, for this purpose here you just need to find a way to record yourself. You can do that by talking into your iPhone, by using Audacity (Windows), or GarageBand (Apple), or heck, use an 8 track recorder! Just record yourself and create a file you can email to us that showcases your educational and podcasting chops. If you’re already a podcaster please do send us some stuff you’re proud of.

  4. Send it to us
    Take that piece of audio gold you created and email it to us in some standard format: .mp3, .wav, .aac… whatever your recording software spits out (.mp3 if you have a choice). Email it to us at content@hippoeducation.com We will take a listen and reach out to you if it looks like we’re a match!

  5. Tips
    Be absurdly upbeat! It’s natural to feel self conscious when talking by yourself into a microphone. But, audio requires lots of energy, almost to an idiotic degree, or it will sound flat and boring. Try going over the top and take a listen, it won’t sound over the top, it will sound energetic and entertaining.

  6. Choose a quiet room with as little echo as possible. Carpet helps. Avoid squeaky chairs, those headset mics that bonk against your chin, or any other venue that has background noise.

Please consider joining us on our mission to change medical education for the better! The clinicians, the patients, and you, truly deserve it.