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By Hippo Education on June 21, 2021

How to Onboard Effectively with Focused Education

Tips for Preparing Clinicians for Urgent Care

With clinicians from different specialties and experience levels, onboarding for urgent care can be challenging. These tips will help you prepare your clinicians for the urgent care setting, so they’re equipped and confident from day one.

  1. Assess New Hires Objectively
    Great urgent care clinicians can come from all fields of medicine and vary in their clinical experiences. Use an objective assessment for clinical competency to establish baseline knowledge and identify education gaps unique to each provider. An objective assessment allows for customized onboarding that brings all new hires up to the same standard of care.
  1. Standardize the Onboarding Process
    A standardized onboarding process ensures all clinicians receive the same information on clinic policies and procedures that are unique to your institution. Pairing new clinicians with an experienced existing clinician throughout the onboarding process helps to open lines of communication and gives new hires someone to reach out to when questions arise.
  1. Normalize Chart Reviews
    One of the best ways to ensure consistently excellent clinical care is to set an expectation of regular chart reviews with clinicians. These reviews help identify areas for improvement in clinical knowledge and are a valuable metric for measuring competence and proficiency.
  1. Use a Database of Procedure Videos
    Urgent care medicine is a beautiful mix of diagnostic and procedural encounters. Achieving procedural mastery and confidence is an iterative process that starts with a solid foundation of information. An on-demand video database teaches and reinforces the correct techniques for common clinic procedures performed in urgent care.
  1. Develop a Culture of Lifelong Learning
    Successful practices boost their staff’s confidence with engaging tools to stay at the top of their game. Keep your clinicians a step above the competition by providing them with resources and encouragement to develop a culture of lifelong learning while keeping them up to date with the latest research, best practices, and clinical wisdom on everyday urgent care topics.

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Published by Hippo Education June 21, 2021
Hippo Education