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Jackie McDevitt-Capetola, PA-C
By Jackie McDevitt-Capetola, PA-C on March 27, 2024

Introducing Hippo Education’s Latest Course: Urgent Care Peds Bootcamp

Whether you’re fresh out of your medical program or a seasoned urgent care veteran, the moment a child steps through those doors, the stakes feel different. Does deciphering pediatric ECGs and plain films feel like decoding a complex puzzle? You’re not alone. That’s why, in partnership with Urgent Care Association, Hippo Education designed the Urgent Care Peds Bootcamp, your go-to video course for enhancing your pediatric care skills in urgent care settings. Created by a team of pediatric emergency medicine doctors and board-certified pediatricians, this course bridges the gap between pediatric expertise and the fast-paced world of urgent care, so you’re prepared for whatever comes through your doors.

Navigating pediatric care in urgent care settings can often feel like uncharted territory. Hippo has meticulously designed Urgent Care Peds Bootcamp to transform that uncertainty into confidence. With over 30 hours of engaging, expert-led video content, this course covers everything from pediatric radiology to managing acute conditions, ensuring you’re well-equipped to provide exceptional care.

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After completing Urgent Care Peds Bootcamp, you'll have the tools and insights to approach pediatric cases with newfound assurance. No longer will pediatric ECGs or differentiating between complex conditions like Hirschsprung’s and intussusception feel daunting. You’ll be armed with the knowledge to make informed decisions, offer effective treatments, and communicate confidently with worried parents. This course empowers you to stand firmly on the front lines of pediatric care in urgent care settings, ready to tackle any challenge with skill and compassion.

With this course, you'll have the ability to earn CME as you go. Earn up to 46 AMA PRA Category 1™ credits across both the bootcamp and the optional 75-question assessment. 

And the best part? We’ve designed this course with your bustling schedule in mind. Accessible anytime, anywhere, our courses fit seamlessly into your life. Whether squeezing in a lesson during a break or indulging in a deep dive on your day off, top-notch pediatric care training is just a click away.

Every child deserves the best care possible, and with Hippo Education, you’re always one step closer to delivering just that. No more uncertainties. No more doubts. It's time to elevate your pediatric care with confidence.

Sign up for Urgent Care Peds Bootcamp today for the confidence you need to deliver outstanding care to your youngest patients.

Published by Jackie McDevitt-Capetola, PA-C March 27, 2024
Jackie McDevitt-Capetola, PA-C