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Melissa Orman, MD
By Melissa Orman, MD on May 15, 2024

Keeping Up: New Updates for Hippo Emergency Medicine Board Review

As emergency clinicians, the fast-evolving medical landscape challenges us to stay current with the latest knowledge and practices. We're excited to share the latest updates to our Hippo Emergency Medicine (EM) Board Review video course. These enhancements are designed to equip you with the advanced skills and knowledge necessary for excelling in your Board Examinations and daily clinical scenarios. These videos were created with the expertise of renowned educators, including Drs. Matt DeLaney, Emily Rose, Geoff Comp, and Drew Kalnow. Make the most of your time, have fun, and crush your test with high-yield, laugh-out-loud video education. Hippo EM Board Review is evidence-based, true-to-test education with a sense of humor.

Expanding Cardiology and Neurology Content

This May 15th, we’re launching 21 new videos along with detailed written summaries, focusing on Cardiovascular Disorders and Nervous System Disorders—two areas of emergency medicine that collectively represent 16% of the ABEM written exam. These updates reflect these organ systems' latest advances and core content, ensuring you learn the most cutting-edge information.

Cardiology updates:
We’ve refreshed our cardiology content to include the latest in emergency management of cardiac devices and their complications. We’ve also added an expanded section on congenital heart disease. These videos will equip you with the knowledge to recognize and manage these complex cases.

Neurology enhancements:
Neurological emergencies can be daunting. We’ve designed our updated neurology content to bolster your confidence in diagnosing and treating neurological disorders commonly seen in the emergency department. From acute stroke management to rare conditions like cavernous sinus thrombosis and Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome, these videos provide a solid foundation for exam success.

Continuing the Momentum from 2022 and 2023

These new updates build on the success of our 2022 and 2023 content expansion, where we introduced 32 new videos covering non-traumatic musculoskeletal, trauma, environmental, and thoracic-respiratory topics. 

Why These Updates Matter

Our goal at Hippo isn’t just to help you pass your board exams—it’s to prepare you for real-world medical challenges. Continuous learning is the cornerstone of medical practice. We ensure that our content is comprehensive and cutting-edge, reflecting the latest standards of care and technological advancements.

Whether preparing for your boards or seeking to refresh your knowledge, our Hippo EM Board Review video course is designed to be your trusted companion in the journey of lifelong learning in emergency medicine.

Stay informed, stay prepared, and most importantly, stay ahead with our newly updated Hippo EM Board Review course. Let’s advance our knowledge and improve patient care together!

Published by Melissa Orman, MD May 15, 2024
Melissa Orman, MD