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Jen Swisher, PA-C

Jen Swisher, PA-C

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Jen Swisher, PA-C
By Jen Swisher, PA-C
on September 06, 2023

If you’re on the frontlines of the emergency department, you’ve probably noticed the uptick in respiratory infections and viruses in the early kick-off to 2023’s respiratory season.

As we brace for fall and winter, it looks like we’ll have additional tools in our arsenal to decrease complications and hospitalizations from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV): adult vaccines and a monoclonal antibody for all infants.

Three different vaccines will be available this season to combat viral respiratory symptoms and threats: 

  • An updated Covid booster 
  • The annual influenza vaccines
  • Two adult RSV vaccines

Additionally, there will be another RSV monoclonal antibody option for our tiniest patients. Phase 3 trials and regulatory approval are underway for maternal vaccines and passive immunity protection for newborns.

Let’s dive into these tools now.

Jen Swisher, PA-C
By Jen Swisher, PA-C
on July 11, 2023

By Jen Swisher, PA-C and Geoff Comp, DO

Summer is here - and we know all too well that drowning and water-related medical emergencies rise during this time of year.

As emergency medicine providers, we all have one degree of separation from a tragic story of a submersion event. While we’re well-versed in the in-hospital care of a drowning victim, it’s possible that we may also have to play the part of first responder at home, the pool, river, lake, or beachside.

Are you ready to take action outside of the ED? Matt DeLaney, MD and Geoff Comp, DO are.