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Vicky Pittman, PA-C
By Vicky Pittman, PA-C on April 13, 2023

Hippo Live at UCA: A Recap

Hippo has been a longtime partner of the Urgent Care Association (UCA), the trade association that represents Urgent Care clinicians and business professionals. We’ve worked together on several projects over the years, and this year we worked on two new projects: Urgent Care MA Bootcamp, a video-based onboarding program for MAs, and “Hippo Live at UCA”, a dedicated clinical track during UCA’s annual convention. While we are pros when it comes to creating video content, this was the Urgent Care team’s first time putting on a live event. And while it was a lot of work, it was a fantastic experience! If you weren’t able to attend live, here is a brief recap:

Two Days, Ten Sessions

“Hippo Live at UCA” took place on April 2nd and 3rd during the Urgent Care Convention at Caesars Forum, Las Vegas.

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

Urgent Care education at Hippo spans all media, from podcast to video. To showcase what we do, our sessions were a mix of live podcasting, lectures and demos. We hosted Q&As and had some engaging conversations with the conference attendees. You can find the topics for our sessions below:


Hippo Live at UCA

Bringing The Team Together

The urgent care team at Hippo is not only passionate about medical education, they also love a chance to get together. We are a 100% remote company and many of our urgent care educators are new to the team. We had a blast meeting up in person, many of us for the first time!

UC RAP hosts Tiffany Proffitt and Kim Bambach

UC RAP hosts Tiffany Proffitt and Kim Bambach review what to do in the event of an inflight emergency.

Legal Lessons with UC RAP

Legal Lessons with UC RAP hosts Kelly Heidepriem and Matthew DeLaney and special guest, malpractice attorney Pete Heidepriem.

Ross Cohen and Jackie McDevitt-Capetola

Ross Cohen and Jackie McDevitt-Capetola doing a live podcast on Non-Opioid Pain Management.

Our hilarious Paper Chase team

Our hilarious Paper Chase team, Drs. Brett Ebeling and Nate Finnerty, came out from behind the microphone to do a Paper Chase Live session.

That’s a wrap with several members of the UC team!

That’s a wrap with several members of the UC team!

Vicky Pittman, Sarah Warren, Arti Patel, Kelly Heidepriem, Kim Bambach, Tiffany Proffitt

Ross Cohen, Matthew DeLaney, Braeden Johnson


Sad to have missed this live event? Never fear, we recorded the audio from all of these sessions and will run it on Urgent Care RAP in a recurring “Live From UCA” channel throughout the year.


Published by Vicky Pittman, PA-C April 13, 2023
Vicky Pittman, PA-C