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Hippo Education
By Hippo Education on February 28, 2022

Race and Medicine Returns

I am very proud of Hippo’s Race and Medicine series and its efforts to foster a rational discussion around an important topic.

In this series, we explore the many areas in which the practice of medicine and racism intersect and what we as front-line clinicians can do about it. We have covered topics such as:

The series has also included conversations on clinical topics such as COVID-19 disparities, skin of color, and the use of race in medical calculators

In this new episode, Dr. Neda Frayha and Dr. Jay-Sheree Allen reflect on the state of Race and Medicine over the past two years. They review three key elements from the recent literature: the role of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion officer, challenges in the medical learning environment, and disparities in clinical care. They close the episode by sharing some institutional and individual strategies to effect positive change where we practice medicine every day.

At Hippo Education, two of our core values are to have compassion for one another and the patients we serve, and to do the right thing. We hope these conversations help inspire all of us to keep living these values and learning together. 

Aaron Bright, CEO and Founder of Hippo

Published by Hippo Education February 28, 2022
Hippo Education