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By Aaron Bright on October 21, 2019

Waking Up

I use this meditation app called Waking Up by Sam Harris (we are in no way affiliated). Today someone asked me, what is the most important app on my phone (an existential question?). Waking Up might be it. There are lots of other good meditation apps.

Waking Up is decidedly untied to any religious tradition. It has a course that covers meditation basics. And, it feels authentic and genuine. In other words, it doesn’t feel like I need to enjoy wearing knee high slouchy suede boots and a wizard robe (since I only do that while playing Dungeons and Dragons, I’m not a barbarian).

It has a free trial but you have to pay pretty quick. The coolest new feature, I haven’t tried yet, is a group function that allows us to sit together, virtually, wizard robes optional, in silence, and meditate. I set up a Hippo Education Meditation Group on there. I am the only member :). Feel free to join if you use the App.

Update: they are now offering anyone a free month trial so if you want to try it you can go here.


Published by Aaron Bright October 21, 2019