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By Hippo Education on June 05, 2023

Chapter Summary: Practical Hepatitis B Breaking News Update


New CDC guidelines have moved to universal screening for those over 18 years of age with a triple panel (surface antibody, surface antibody and core antibody).

Pregnant patients should get a triple panel during each pregnancy regardless of vaccination status/history.

Risk-based periodic testing is still in effect for those who may be at increased risk like people with a history of incarceration, STI’s, HCV, or multiple sex partners.

Updated CDC HBC screening guidelines:

  1. Universal HBV screening of adults over age 18 years, NO longer risk/population-based

Triple screening panel: surface antibody, surface antigen and total core antibody to catch people who are 1.) immune 2.) non-immune 3.) prior infection

  1. Pregnant patients should be screened with a triple panel during each pregnancy regardless of vaccination status/history
  2. Expand risk-based periodic testing for people with history of incarceration, STI’s, HCV, or multiple sex partners

Why the change?

Chronic HBV can lead to significant morbidity and mortality.

Only 1 in 3 people with HBV are aware of their status.

WHO goal for awareness is 90% by 2030.

Vaccination and treatment of HBV are effective prevention strategies.

New screening guidelines are expected to lead to averting (per 100,000) 7.4 cases of compensated cirrhosis, 3.3 cases of decompensated cirrhosis, 5.5 cases of HCC, 2 liver transplants and 10.3 HBV-related deaths.



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Published by Hippo Education June 5, 2023
Hippo Education