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Sarah Warren, PA-C
By Sarah Warren, PA-C
on June 05, 2024

In the ever-evolving field of urgent care, staying abreast of the latest knowledge and practices is crucial. We're excited to announce that we launched five new videos along with detailed written summaries focusing on common acute care injuries and procedures. These enhancements equip you with the advanced skills and knowledge necessary to walk confidently into your next UC shift. 

Suzette Iverson, PA-C
By Suzette Iverson, PA-C
on June 04, 2024

In the high-stakes world of medicine, where every decision holds weight, the inevitability of human error can loom large over clinicians. It's a reality we all face, yet admitting our mistakes and grappling with their aftermath can be one of the most challenging aspects of our profession. How do we reconcile our desire for perfection with the reality of fallibility? How do we move forward gracefully and resiliently after making a clinical error?

Kaitlyn Almeida, PA-C
By Kaitlyn Almeida, PA-C
on June 03, 2024

Warm weather is here, and with it comes BBQs, longer days, and plenty of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, it also means more fishing hooks flying into unexpected places—including, occasionally, someone’s skin. This often presents a unique challenge for urgent care clinicians as we debate how to safely remove that stubborn hook and get our patients back to enjoying their day.

Neda Frayha, MD
By Neda Frayha, MD
on May 23, 2024

In primary care, we are seeing more and more patients using complementary or integrative medicine approaches. Understanding these treatment options and being able to counsel our patients about them is an important part of providing good care. But this can leave us wondering: What exactly is integrative medicine?

Tiffany Proffitt, DO
By Tiffany Proffitt, DO
on May 20, 2024

Just because it’s over the counter doesn’t make it safe. 

Melissa Orman, MD
By Melissa Orman, MD
on May 15, 2024

As emergency clinicians, the fast-evolving medical landscape challenges us to stay current with the latest knowledge and practices. We're excited to share the latest updates to our Hippo Emergency Medicine (EM) Board Review video course. These enhancements are designed to equip you with the advanced skills and knowledge necessary for excelling in your Board Examinations and daily clinical scenarios. These videos were created with the expertise of renowned educators, including Drs. Matt DeLaney, Emily Rose, Geoff Comp, and Drew Kalnow. Make the most of your time, have fun, and crush your test with high-yield, laugh-out-loud video education. Hippo EM Board Review is evidence-based, true-to-test education with a sense of humor.

Jen Janocha, PA-C
By Jen Janocha, PA-C
on May 09, 2024

Most new parents diligently child-proof their homes, installing cabinet locks, baby gates, and socket covers to safeguard their little ones. Yet, there’s an invisible hazard often overlooked—indoor air pollution

Erin Pressley, PA-C
By Erin Pressley, PA-C
on May 06, 2024

Did you know that ticks can’t jump or fly? They simply lie and wait on the top edge of plants with their front legs stretched out.  As soon as a warm-bodied being passes, they simply walk onboard. The practice is called “questing,” and it is the kind of knowledge that is perfect for your next water cooler conversation.

Katie Iverson, PA-C, MPAS
By Katie Iverson, PA-C, MPAS
on May 03, 2024

With spring in full swing and warmer days upon us, everyone is heading outdoors.